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Mixing and Mastering


You’ve got a great song, but it needs definition and clarity

Mixing is taking the individual recorded tracks of a song and massaging them into place to create more depth, space, punch, and clarity. Each track within the song is processed separately to give each element its own space. This is accomplished by using a combination of plug-in software and analog hardware, EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, and other effects. The end result of mixing is a track that sounds clear, pleases the ear, and is ready for mastering.

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Stem Master

Your mix is awesome, but why not make it better?

Stem mastering takes place after mixing and before mastering in the music production process. Taking the instruments groups from the mix, stem mastering creates a further layer of depth, clarity, and punch to a song. This is done primarily with EQ and compression. We ask for 6 stems to work with: Vocal Stem, Kick Stem, Drum Stem, Bass stem, Melody Stem, Effects Stem.

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The icing on the cake

Mastering takes the mixed song and ensures it sounds its best on all speaker types, is at industry loudness, and is sonically pleasing. Using EQs and compressors, mastering provides added clarity, punch, depth, and volume to a song. Whether it be radio play, iTunes, or Spotify streaming, a mastered track is ready for distribution.

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Unlimited Revisions

Once your purchase has been made we’ll email you twice. Once with a purchase confirmation email; and second with a project start email. With every purchase we offer Unlimited Revisions for two weeks starting from the date the “project start” email is sent.

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