Mix + Stem Master

Mix + Stem Master



Mixing is taking the individual recorded tracks of a song and massaging them into place to create more depth, space, punch, and clarity for a given song. Each track within the song is processed separately to give each element its own space. This is accomplished by using a combination of plug-in software, and in some cases analog hardware, EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, and many more effects. The end result of mixing is a track that sounds clear, pleases the ear, and is ready for mastering.

Stem Master:

Stem mastering takes place after mixing and is usually considered an optional step, before mastering, in the music production process. While mastering deals with a single audio file, that is the song, stem mastering takes groups of instrument tracks and processes them, primarily, with EQ and compression. Once each stem is processed on their own the stems are then processed together in order to glue, and unify, the stems. Stem mastering usually has between 4-6 tracks to work with.

Once ordered, we’ll send an order confirmation email followed by another email to ask for the audio files. Once the files are received, we’ll start working on your project. When we finish the project, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to a Google Drive folder. In the folder will be a high-quality .WAV file and an .MP3 file of the finished master. In addition, we’ll include a write-up of the project, so you to see our process while working on your track. We’re looking froward to working with.