Stem Master

Stem Master


Extension of mix process. Brings more life and quality into mix with the use of industry standard audio software and analog audio equipment.

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Stem mastering happens after mixing and before mastering. Stem mastering takes stems of audio tracks and processes them with more EQ, compression, and some automation.

Example: In mixing Vocal Track 1, Vocal Track 2, and Vocal Track 3 are all processed individually. Stem mastering would take all three of the Vocal Tracks, or one Vocal Stem, and processes them as one in order to glue them together.

Vocal 1 + Vocal 2 + Vocal 3 = Vocal Stem

Kick + Snare + Toms + Overheads = Drum Stem

Guitar 1 + Guitar 2 + Guitar 3 = Guitar Stem

Vocal Stem + Drum Stem + Guitar Stem = Stem Master

Stem are processed with audio software and are then run through analog equipment to give them that much more life.