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TOA5T Sound STudio

TOA5T Sound is an Online Audio Mixing and Mastering Studio based in California. We work with artists looking to give their music an added boost in production quality. Whether it be a full song mix or master, we’re here to help you get YOUR music where it needs to be!


Hi, I’m Sean! I’m the owner of TOA5T Sound. In my 9 years or working in the music industry I’ve had the pleasure of producing, recording, mixing and mastering audio for record labels, touring musicians, bedroom producers, YouTube channels, Spotify playlists, and Netflix trailers, Having spent time with so many different clients, I came to feel that they all wanted the same thing. They simply wanted a smooth production process. As simple as that sounds, many recording studios lack a sense of urgency, care and humility to truly help their clients’ music shine. TOA5T Sound was created to be the smoothest, most communicative and caring way of getting your song ready for release. We email you at each stage of the process, give you unlimited revisions for the two week duration of the project, and we send you detailed post- production notes once we complete your project.

Why do this?

The short answer is that we love music! We love the people who have the courage to put themselves out there and make music. To us, creation is the ultimate for of expression and it’s humbling to be apart of a creator’s journey.


Quality Service, Amazing Product, and

Affordable Rates

Packages Starting at $30


Our Mission

To bring you quality service and provide an amazing product: all while maintaining affordable prices. It doesn’t matter what level you are at in your music career; we’re here to help you bring YOUR vision to its full fruition.



“We came up to Sean with some very nearly raw recordings, and a lot of them. He took them from sounding like a hot mess to being able to hear each individual track at each level we wanted to hear. A great person to work with on a professional level and a dear friend of mine.”- Fletcher Emerson, Musician/ Songwriter

“Being with Sean/TOA5T was a pleasure and an all around, truly welcoming environment. Something I would definitely do, and look forward to, again :). Professionally, he knows what he's doing but more importantly he was able to have an open mind and made the whole creative process a lot more fulfilling.”- Saleem Obeidat, Producer/Engineer

“Knows his way around his gear and is very knowledgeable. Easy to work with and produces good results. 5/5”- Tim Elson, Producer/Engineer

“This man really has a good ear when it comes to mixing, I've always been impressed with his sense of depth and space that he's able to achieve. The tracks are loud and yet still so clear. We've collaborate together in the past and had a blast, I was super impressed. Highly recommend his services!”- JayGurr HAMMER, Producer

“Never really knew much about mastering music, I hit up Toa5t and he helped and showed me everything I needed to know. Mastered my song and made it sound 10x better! If anyone needs any music help, hit them up!!!”- DJ Traffic, Producer